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League is draft style, meaning each team will consist of beginner players to skilled players.

League is co-ed.

All teams will play one game per week, there are no practices.

All players will receive a game jersey which is mandatory wear for every game, and must be returned at season end.

Every team will have a coach.

Full statistics will be taken.

Elementary level plays 4 on 4, High School plays 5 on 5.

If there is ever a discrepancy with other players, you are not allowed to approach that player. Reach out to me and I will reach out to their parents/guardians. The same rule applies to coaches: if you have an issue with a coach or any other staff/league helper, please let me know.

Fair Play Rules

- Game length is four 8 minute quarters

- Players will play 4 minute shifts and will not be allowed to sub off except for injury

- Time outs can only be called by coaches

- Straight run time on clocks. Time only stops on time outs. There is stop time under 1 minute in the first half and under 2 minutes in the 2nd half.

- Players are allowed 5 fouls per game, or 2 technical fouls per game. If 2 technical fouls are called, the player will be suspended for the next game.


- Man to man defence only at the elementary level. No zone defence. Double teams allowed.

- Zone defence allowed at the high school level.

- Full court press only allowed in last quarter at the elementary level. High School is allowed full court all game.

- No smothering defence. Give the players room.


- Very little lenience will be allowed for travelling or running with the ball for Junior division.

- No lenience given for travelling in Senior division.

- 3 in the key will be called in the Intermediate division and higher.

- Over and back will be called, 10 second half court rule in effect. 8 second half court at high school level.

- If a player is fouled in the act of shooting, he/she will get to shoot free throws. Free throw lineup will not be allowed to go for a rebound until the ball is released from the hand of the shooter.

All other general basketball rules apply.

Men's & Women's League Rules

All regular basketball rules in effect.

- Captains are only there to manage communication with their team.

- No substitutions on the fly. Wait for a whistle and a call in from the ref. The refs are also good at seeing when somebody needs a sub and will blow the whistle for you.

- League will not be governed by equal time. It is up to the team as a whole to ensure all players get equal playing time.

- Game time is 4 ten minute quarters.

- All stats taken are a luxury. If there is a discrepancy with any of the stats on the sheet, just remember that what is up on the scoreclock is what is correct.

- Clock will be runtime except for time outs, and all whistles under 1 minute in the 2nd quarter, and 2 minutes in the 4th quarter.

- This is a competitive/recreational league. It is meant for a good time and good exercise. Please, if there is a problem with the reffing, they are human beings, have a conversation with them like a human being. There is no tolerance for abuse of the officials.

Technical Foul Breakdown (per game):


1st - 1 free throw for other team and retain possession.

2nd - Player is ejected from game and suspended 1 additional game.

2nd ejection - Multiple game suspension.

3rd ejection - Ejection from league.

Free Throws - Upon last free throw, players enter for rebound after shooter releases ball.

Jerseys: Jerseys are mandatory for games. If you do not have your jersey or have a matching shirt at game time, your team will be charged a technical foul.

Season will consist of 15 games including playoffs.

Playoffs - A regular playoff tree will be used for all leagues. Every team will play an equal number of playoff games.

Let's have a fun season!

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