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The Facility

My name is Jesse Foster and I've been running the Elite Stars Basketball Organization in St. Thomas, Ontario for 10 years. In that time, we have grown from eight youth teams to almost 50 teams for youth and adults to meet the community demand. Throughout these years, I have rented gym space through the local school board, Arena, and the YMCA. Access has been limited as we have to share space with all the other organizations in the area (volleyball, soccer, wrestling, etc). There is a major demand for gym space, and when they are not available there are no other facility options.

St. Thomas needs a good facility where everybody from youth to elderly can play. Elite Stars is a year round business, and it has been successful, but the ability for everybody to play is limited to the gym space I have available to me. I plan to build this facility with two full basketball courts, convertible to two volleyball courts, six pickleball courts, a lacrosse court, an indoor soccer court, and two tennis courts. It will also include a fitness studio (yoga, fitness classes, personal training), a squash court, a small classroom for training, and a small pub/concession. I also have Talbot Trail Physiotherapy opening a clinic, considered St. Thomas’ top physiotherapy option, and will have regular access to a physiotherapist, a chiropractor, and a massage therapist. Further, I have the option of adding in office space for lease to anybody else interested.

All of this will allow access to house leagues for youth to elderly in basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, pickleball, lacrosse, soccer, squash, and tennis. Along with this, I will be running competitive basketball teams and will host tournaments which will boost income to local hotels, restaurants, and shopping.

I am looking for sponsors, donations, and investors. The projected cost of the building and property is $1.03 million. This is a great opportunity for all of you to get in at the start, and would be an extremely helpful start for Elite Stars! I have put together sponsor, donation, investment packages, along with floor plans of the building, all listed below.

My main goal has always been to keep costs low for the families to continue to return to my camps and leagues over and over throughout the years. As long as I can keep my costs low, I’ll keep everybody active. 

If you are interested and would like to chat, please don’t hesitate to contact me; my information is below. I am really looking forward to making this dream a reality!

Donations, Sponsorship, and Investments

I am looking for donations, sponsors, and investors who are interested in working with me to bring this dream to life. The projected cost of the building and property is $1.03 million. This is a great opportunity for all of you to get in on the ground floor, and would be an extremely helpful start for Elite Stars!
Please note that in the event this facility is not able to happen, all of your money will be returned in full. Also, if you wish to opt out before plans are set, I will give you your money back.
A receipt will be issued for all donations, sponsorships, and investments.
 - Every penny counts, and will be carefully accounted for. When you make a donation it will be recorded, so that in the even that I am not able to move this plan forward, you will receive a full refund of your money.
 - There are plenty of investment options, with attractive benefits
    - Investing as a participant will get you league and camp credits with a bonus
          - $1 - $999 - 15% return
          - $1000 - $4999 - 20% return
          - $5000+ - 25% return
    - So if you invest $1000, you will receive $1200 in credits towards leagues and camps
    - Investing with a cash return
          - $1 - $999 - 8% return
          - $1000 - $4999 - 12% return
          - $5000+ - 15% return
    - Cash investments will be returned on a monthly payment plan
 - In the event you decide that you wish to change your participant investment to a cash investment, your remaining credited amount will change to the cash return percentage.
 - In the event this plan does not move forward, you will receive your money back in full.
 - Sponsorship options:
          - House League head Sponsor - $2000 per year will get your logo on the back of every team jersey in the league, and will be posted at the top of every webpage affiliated with that league.
          - Team Sponsorship - $300/year will get your name on a team jersey and the team will be named as your business - Please note that your sponsorship fee will decrease as you sponsor more teams
          - Buy a brick - $100 will get you a plaque on the wall in the main building entry
          - Wall sponsorship - $300/year to hang your banner on the court wall or divider
          - Website sponsor - $50/year will get your name on the website - 10,000+ visitors/year
          - Halfcourt logo - $3000/year will get your logo on the half court circle
          - Court logo - $1000/year will get your logo on the end court line
If you are interested and would like to talk with me further about this opportunity, please don't hesitate to call, text, or email me at the contact information below:
Jesse Foster
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